MS Build 2020 - 5 sessions by ICodeFactory Team Lead

The greatest annual worldwide conference for developers and software engineers who are using Windows, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies is undoubtedly Build. In the light of the pandemic situations and care for the community, this year’s conference was held as an online event. 48 hours in eight parallel sessions of lectures were prepared and left for listening, for free! As usual, this event included multiple important announcements and releases, some of them related to Blazor WebAssembly, IoT and AI. It was inspiring to see how supportive is our community and that learning will never stop. 

ICodeFactory has put learning at the heart of the business. We transfer our knowledge to others by training or consulting. Also, we always learn and try to stay shape-minded and up-to-date with all trends. This conference was just one path in the great journey of learning with Microsoft technologies.

As a team of Microsoft certified professionals, our ICodeFactory members enjoyed hearing about experiences from some of the greatest developers and trends in the world of software development. Hearing others' practice, know-how, struggles, and understandings always bring wisdom and tips on how to be more productive and the new possibilities in our work.

One of our Team Leaders has dug into the MS Build content and explored for you 5 sessions you should not miss. From his perspective, the chosen topics were the most interesting to hear and certainly worthy of attention, regarding the projects he’s currently engaged in. The variety of topics from AI, desktop and web development gives you easy insight into the updates from several areas.

Here’s the list with links to the chosen sessions, we believe you will enjoy watching it: 

Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Teams, not only for online meetings. Learn how to build instantly collaborative apps with Microsoft Fluid Framework. If you are interested in modern web development, try to be productive with Blazor and build interactive UI with .NET and C#. Check out an overview and updates about Azure Cognitive Services to engage your customers and improve operational efficiency. If you maintain or create a new Windows desktop application, then the session about WinUI is a must for you. Learn how WinUI provides a path forward for every Windows Developer.

How did you like our choice? Have you checked out MS Build 2020? If you have some thoughts or advice for us, let us know, we are happy to hear it!

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