Who We Are

ICodeFactory is the company that completes software development process from idea to production.

As Gold Microsoft Partner, we are technology experts developing enterprise software solutions since 2005. Our team is made of highly-skilled Microsoft Certified Trainers and developers who have unparalleled experience in building and architecting some of the world’s most sophisticated software solutions.


Founded in 2005
More than a decade of delivering Microsoft official courses
Gold Microsoft Partner
2-3 hours flight away from all major cities across Europe
Team of Microsoft Certified Trainers, Developers and Consultants
More than 250 000 active business users


ICodeFactory is passionate about understanding the business challenges our partners face and innovating new software solutions to help them overcome those challenges. We provide our clients with technology excellence that is business driven through a true partnership.

Partnership with Microsoft

We are a Gold Microsoft Certified Partner in Application Development and Data Analytics. As Gold Microsoft Partner, ICodeFactory has direct access to exclusive resources, training and technical support. Our employees are experts on new and emerging Microsoft technologies and have plenty of Microsoft certificates.

Partnership with Universities

We are the official partner with the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Combination of knowledge and innovative ideas of students and our technical expertise enables us to solve complex challenges in today's IT industry. These mutually beneficial partnerships are a very good opportunity for students to get to know the industry and make a great start in their career.

We enable people and businesses to implement their vision through responsible use of technologies