Why Investing in Custom Software Pays Off?

Everyone loves the idea of being unique. As a personality, business model or software can also be unique. We can help you create that magic called Bespoke software.

Years of experience in delivering software solutions across the world, especially for enterprises, has taught us tips in creating solution that customers want for better business, processes, challenges and to improve internal workflow.

Custom based software or bespoke software is a tailored-made software by the measurements of the company. You probably have heard by now that the origin of bespoke software comes from the fashion industry. A wealthy man who could afford a suit tailored by his measurements worn “bespoke suit”.

Buying a commercial „off-the-shelf “software always looks like a good and simple idea, but sometimes it turns very complicated when you realize that you need more features, functionalities and you paid for something already „built-in by default“ that you aren’t using. 

With custom software you don’t have to think more how to fill the gaps with additional solutions. Also, waiting for the new software upgrade doesn’t have to be a long-awaited future.

Security is an important topic when it comes about new software. There are a lot of opinions that commercial software is secured, but the fact is custom tools are less affected for hacking since you are independent and have full control over company data.

Using cutting edge technologies, we build adaptable, flexible and agile software solutions with certain features and performances. 

We worked with clients from financial consulting industry. In order to implement their vision, we built trusted custom software for their services and simplified their work eliminating exhausting tasks. The combination of high-level domain expertise from clients and our knowledge in software development has produced a great solution. Experts from financial industry have spoken highly of this software solution as it is the best financial tool they have ever used.

Creating custom software gives a client the best productivity, efficiency and maximum outcome with complete control, openess for suggestions and support without license fees. Taking step by step during the development process, custom software is your personal solution for your business needs such as automation of repetitive tasks, reporting or creating a more responsive business environment.

In a wide range of industries, it is always amazing to build a software that suit YOUR company perfectly.

Contact us or visit Services page for professional consultation about custom software development for your business. Let’s implement your vision.

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Can IT certification change your career?

Are you interested in certification that will develop your career instantly, without too much effort? Well, this isn’t that kind of article, even though it sounds tempting. The truth is that certification process demands dedication and hard work.

In today’s world of rapid technology changes, it can be challenging to keep up. Certifications can keep you on the right track. Plus, it is a great way to stand out among the others from the same business area. For our customers, Microsoft Azure is a trending subject, and one of our most delivered training topics. Statistics show that the need for those skilled in Azure will only continue to grow.

According to IDC-Microsoft white paper, there are many benefits of certification. Let’s name a few:
1.    Getting a job – there are introductory, intermediate-level and advanced certifications that can help you find a job more easily. This is especially important for people without previous engagement, but also for experienced ones. IT certifications help candidates demonstrate relevant capabilities and competencies;
2.    Opportunity for advancement – Earning a certification represents one’s interest in career progress. Certified employees are often given more responsibilities within organization, followed by promotion and higher salaries;
3.    Better understanding of evolving technologies – which results in time savings and better handling complex issues as it gets easier to identify and resolve problems.  Passing exams show that employees have the necessary skills and experience; 
4.    Ability to mentor – increases with knowledge gained through certification; plus, you can better support and estimate competences of your teammates if your skills have been evaluated; 
5.    Higher salary – statistic shows that certified employees earn 15% more than their non-certified colleagues, because of the upgraded skills;

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Also, there are a lot of benefits for companies which engage certified experts in their team:
1.    Higher productivity – this especially refers to new hires, who reach their full potential a month earlier than non-certified peers; 
2.    Reduced cost of hiring – certified candidates are hired more quickly; their skills are evaluated more easily as the screening process is simplified;
3.    More efficiency -  Certified server, database, and application development teams are 17% more efficient than teams that aren’t certified; new applications are delivered faster with improved IT operations overall;
4.    Reduced risk – certified IT experts contribute to a 15% reduction in unplanned downtime, a 26% improvement in mean time to repair and 50% improvement in unplanned downtime related to server management;

Having Microsoft Certified Trainers on board at ICodeFactory helps us to efficiently grow our teams’ technical skills. Experience from real-life projects complements the knowledge gained through Microsoft official curriculum. 

If you would like to hear more about Microsoft Training, or are interested in our software development services, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to hear from you!
And in case you would like to join our team of Microsoft certified experts, you are more than welcome to visit our career page.


Practice Makes Perfect!

“Implement your vision” is our motto that has been guiding us through our work in all these years. It represents our approach not only towards our clients and business goals, but also our colleagues. We want them to be both personally and professionally fulfilled. 

Internships are a great way to gain relevant knowledge and skills. They also provide an opportunity to see if chosen career path is the right one based on personal experience. We are more than happy to encourage students to start their career the right way.

During the internship in ICodeFactory, our goals were to demonstrate how working on a project genuinely looks like. The hands-on work experience interns receive cannot be obtained in a classroom. Real-life projects are far more complex than those at the faculty. That’s why we simulated a project and let them face all the challenges, with the help of their mentor of course. 

It is important to acknowledge the necessity of constant work on technology skills. What is even more important is to understand the core of software development. Domain knowledge is what distinguishes software engineers. Solving business challenges and properly using technology for that purpose is the key of our job. A lot of work has to be done until reaching this stadium. It is commonly known that practise makes perfect, and we can proudly say these young people are on the right track!

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In addition to developing technology skills, other skills such as communication, teamwork and time management are also obtained in an internship, fully preparing students for their future career. Students become part of the business environment and learn more about IT industry. Working in a team and feeling corporate culture is important as well. We wanted them to feel like part of the team, and we embraced them as one of us. They even attended our annual conference called ICodeFerence!

Some of the interns are already looking forward to applying for our talent acquisition project and finishing Free Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer training to become part of our team. We are looking forward to working together again.

If you are also interested in our company’s culture, or would like to become part of our team, check open positions and find suitable for you at the link:

We are always glad to meet talented people!