Happy New Year by ICodeFactory

2020 was specific in many ways. We had to pay attention to our health and safety more than ever. Business wide we had to go into a fully virtual environment. Work from home gave us an opportunity to practice our communication, collaboration and new ways of managing tasks. All conferences were held online and we took an opportunity to join a number of great online events. 

This year may have prevented us from realizing all the ideas we had planned a year ago, but it has not prevented us from achieving some great results. This is probably the best year in our history business-wise.

Our story about delivering MOCs training worldwide is becoming more successful every year. Despite the impossibility of teaching on-site, the demand for Azure training has been incredible in 2020. We felt real digital evolution and its benefits this year with the largest number of training held in one year.

During the year, we continued to work with beginners, so we adapted the Microsoft certification training sponsored by ICodeFactory in a remote environment. Students were able to learn about Microsoft technologies from the comfort of their own homes. 

Together with several faculties, including the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, we have organized groups of student internships. The virtual doors of ICodeFactory were open not only to IT students but also to those who wanted to learn about Business Development and Sales.

In our work with students, we had an opportunity to hear a presentation from the Vector Robotics team for the Eurobot2020 competition and support their project financially. Excellence, a desire to learn, and effort will always be appreciated and rewarded at ICodeFactory.

2020 was full of online events we could attend. We could be “everywhere” from our homes. Together with our team, we strived to get the most out of online conferences and get valuable content, experiences from experts and future trends.

The most famous regional conference for IT professionals organized by Microsoft, called Sinergija was also held online. Attendees had an opportunity to hear a lecture from the CEO of ICodeFactory - Mr. Sergej Kešelj, on the topic: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Live with Azure. It was our pleasure to share knowledge on the jubilee anniversary of Sinergija.

At the end of this year, we can say that there were still a lot of things we are proud of and grateful for. Every challenge is an opportunity and we are ready to adapt to the new environment. 

Stay safe, stay healthy!

ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays! See you in 2021!

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