ICodeFactory career path of software developer

Albert Einstein said: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

College degrees give us principles and techniques of computer science, but career goals that each of us have imagined as a student is quite different from what reality offers. We all seek for that magic ingredient to upgrade theoretical knowledge – good mentor and relevant experience.

ICodeFactory recognizes the importance of the right beginning, and that's why we offer, almost as a tradition, free Microsoft training for recent graduates.

Working with Microsoft Certified Trainers with strong background in software development gives a huge benefit by sharing their technical knowledge, experience, expertise and giving direct feedback. The mentor also helps with the professional development of software developers introducing company's culture, communication with clients and methodology of work step by step, so the members of team can easily fit in.

After adequate training, software developer is ready to start working on real projects. Every project is different and requires to read more, learn more and think differently.

Education has no end. Technology growth makes us students for life. Every new innovation pushes us to learn more, to follow the changes and keep up with technology on the career path of the qualified and successful software engineer.