ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays!

This was the year that represented the 15th anniversary of the company's existence. So, it was a great opportunity to recollect the values that led us through that time. We found 15 valuable lessons for 15 years of persistence and dedication to knowledge and growth. 

Specifically, this year made us realize how important it is to love what you do. So, when we look back at the past year, we could say that we are proud of all the amazing projects we had a chance to successfully deliver. But more than that, we are proud of our teamwork. Work that needed to be done was such an enjoyable process thanks to people around us, who genuinely love what they do and are deeply engaged in the process.

Since mentioning the importance of people we surround ourselves and collaborate with, it seems like a great opportunity to mention how proud and thankful we are for the partnerships we’ve made this year, but also the partnerships we’ve cherished and continued to grow.
For the first time, we collaborated with one of the oldest cultural and scientific institutions – Matica Srpska. The reason behind it was the support we wanted to provide to the institutions that nurture and share knowledge. This way, we believe we are one step closer to building a better future, promoting values that witness that education and investment in goals have no expiration date. 

Following the mentioned belief - this year we proudly renewed the company’s Microsoft Gold Partner status. It allowed us to expand our knowledge and work more efficiently, applying the latest technology. That led not only to a higher level of customer satisfaction but to the increase of team’s motivation, getting feedback confirming our professional competence. 

Besides delivering precise software solutions, Microsoft's partnership made us able to train and educate other professionals. Believing that knowledge is valuable only if shared, we didn’t miss a chance to organize internships for young talents, and a yearly conference for students - ICodeFerence Youth 2021. We see this as a way of supporting the youth when preparing for professional challenges, but also as an opportunity to learn from hearing their fresh point of view. 

Overall, it was a pleasure to spend one more year following the values we stand for, working with people sharing them with us. The value that marked this year - so did all the years behind us - is never to stop learning and striving for your goals.

ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays! See you in 2022!