Working on a number of projects and the highest skill level in Microsoft Technologies has one special benefit - the vast experience has turned us into ideal consultants - with a rich background of problem solutions in the past which we can apply to different problems ahead of us. Regardless of the issues - architecture, performance, scalability, reusability, we have the solution or we can figure it out for you.

If your project is suffering from a shortage of experienced experts dedicated to solving high level problems occuring while in development, you do not have to worry. Our experts are at your disposal, offering their expertise in a number of Microsoft Technologies and goal-oriented approach fully dedicated on solving the issues put in front of them.

Maybe you need help in choosing and implementing specific software architecture? We can provide the knowledge and experience we have on projects of any size and scale, which we gathered during solving architectural challenges on a number of projects. As we know, the success of a project very much depends on the underlying architecture. The very high success rate is a testimonial to our experts and a proof of their high level knowledge in this area.

We can offer you our consultant expertise in the following areas: Solutions Architecture, MSF, Database Modeling, Test Driven Development and others.