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Since today’s digital business environment is very challenging and technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor by your side. We help our clients to continuously improve the quality of their systems. What we offer is more than just technical expertise.

ICodeFactory experts will work with you to understand your goals, business processes and analyze your current systems capabilities. ICodeFactory consultants are true technology strategists, equipped with the expertise and experience to help you make intelligent decisions to achieve the desired state of your digital business and the results that come with it.

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Through a comprehensive assessment we provide the best technical solution to solve your toughest business challenge – no matter the industry.

Using a strategic partnership approach our focus is to create long-term, trust-based relationship.

Don’t waste your time struggling with specific issues, our experts will guide you through them. We have the will to share our knowledge with you.


We provide our expertise in a wide variety of industries:

Industries without text Industries mobile


management &





Automotive industry &

Automotive suppliers

Electrical &

Electronics industry



Information &

Communication industry

Logistics industry


weigh industry


Solar technology &

Renewable energy industry

Since 2005. we have developed solutions that are used by

more than 500.000 customers around the world.

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