Microlearning - The Future of Education

Education is a process that requires constant adjustments, in order to provide positive results. As a more recent learning strategy supported by the digital era, microlearning has gained a lot of attention. 

Microlearning represents a focused, self-directed form of learning, with content delivered in small bursts.  With hectic everyday life, finding time for self-improvement may seem difficult. Everything is easier if divided into fragments. The brain can process information more effectively if they are brief and delivered to the learner at his request.

Microlearning provides various possibilities – from language learning to corporate training. It supports any form of learning content – from social media networks, quizzes and videos clips to presentations and book chapters. Moreover, it can be used anywhere – at home, in transportation, during coffee breaks. 

Microlearning; ICodeFactory

Gradually building skills is especially convenient for companies, which can educate team members in this manner, instead of exhausting eight-hour training. Searching for the solution to a working problem on the internet can also be considered as a type of microlearning. This is especially important due to a declining attention span, especially among millennials. Training materials can be available online, interactive, constituted of 5-minute videos and tutorials. 

Some of the benefits of microlearning are:

  • Boost of motivation – employees work more efficiently;
  • Time-saving – more time to focus on the projects; 
  • Immediate results – knowledge can be used instantly;
  • Budget-friendly – most of the contents are free and available online;
  • Continuous updates – information change quickly, it is important to adapt;

Here, in ICodeFactory, we have organized learning in several different processes. We deliver full Microsoft Official training, our custom workshops, but also small lessons organized in a microlearning way. It is one of our favorite approaches that has delivered great results. 

How do you arrange your learning system?