Microsoft Training

By delivering Microsoft official and custom courses across Europe for almost 20 years, we have gained experience and expertise in knowledge transfer and learning methodologies that we regularly apply into helping our next team members to become experts.

For young talents at the beginning of their career, the paid and sponsored Microsoft Certification Training program is a great opportunity to increase and develop their technical skills.
The experts at ICodeFactory, certified engineers and trainers who are delivering solutions and training to clients worldwide, have started their careers through this program.

The ICodeFactory Microsoft Certification Training is specially designed for students in the final years of their studies, as well as other individuals who want to extend their knowledge and ultimately become experts in using Microsoft technologies and tools. 

Prior Knowledge

In choosing candidates for the program, we give preference to students and recent graduates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Computer science and other programming-related fields of study, who already have prior knowledge of Object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms and databases.

Great Mentorship

During the two months of training, the trainees are supported by mentors – ICodeFactory Microsoft Certified Experts. After the successful completion of the program, the trainees are ready to start working on real-life projects and be part of advanced software solutions for a diversity of worldwide companies and industries!

With years of experience in organizing the Microsoft Certification Training program, we have recognized the invaluable advantage in further professional development. From our point of view and expertise, this training would give you lots of opportunities to continuously learn, enhance your knowledge, and develop advanced technical skills. 

Start your journey to becoming an ICodeFactory Software Engineer
and a Microsoft Certified Expert! 

Microsoft Training

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