ICodeFactory as Gold Microsoft Partner in 2022: The continuity of quality

We are happy to announce that, once again, we have renewed our annual membership as Gold Microsoft Partner!

ICodeFactory’s 13-year-long partnership with Microsoft symbolizes our lasting commitment to continuously maintain the highest level of competence in Microsoft technologies. By doing this, we are ensuring that year after year, we provide our partners with the best service as Microsoft Certified Software Developers and Trainers.
We offer IT Solutions, IT Training and IT Consulting services and we are proud to have stable, rewarding partnerships working with companies from a variety of industries.

It has always been our imperative to make sure that our team has the resources required to reach their highest competencies, and being a Gold Microsoft Partner has helped us achieve just that. Thanks to this, our team of software engineers has exclusive access to the official Microsoft learning and training material, which they apply in our custom-based IT Training services, specially designed for the needs of our clients and their employees. Not only this, it has helped us create the ICodeFactory Microsoft Certification Training program, created for young motivated people ready to begin their career at ICodeFactory and become a part of our team of Microsoft technology experts!

The secret behind our longstanding partnerships is simple - as software technology experts, we believe that our knowledge is never complete. In our field of work, we are motivated to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in order to be able to offer the best possible services. The partnership with Microsoft helps us do exactly that - we are proud to stand by the quality that we offer through our services.

In the future years, we see the amazing ICodeFactory team aiming for greatness in every sense, and we are sure that our partnership with Microsoft is one of the key factors that will help us reach our goal!