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For more than a decade our Microsoft Certified Trainers deliver courses and educate the “pioneers of tomorrow” around the world.We believe in constant lifelong learning as the key of any business progress. Years of experience in software development based on Microsoft tools and technologies give us thechance to perform unique way of training including our strong technical background. We share our broad experience from real-life software development projects and help professionals to pass Microsoft certification process.

Moc Courses
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To make sure that developers are using maximum of Microsoft technologies, Microsoft has created MOCs.

Our MCTs create MOCs on-demand and teach developers technology skills they want to improve and take their career to the next level. Microsoft Certified Trainers from ICodeFactory deliver to your employees Microsoft-authored, high-quality and accurate content, with assessment at the end of the course.

Many companies hired our experts to do on the spot education and coaching in order to improve the performances and general skill level of their employees.

Custom-Based Courses
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Professional employee development is long term investment for the company. Companies are facing difficulties with defining and extending specific employee’s skills. Years of experience in knowledge management have enabled us unique approach in creating custom-based training.

Conducting skills gap analysis with our clients gives us a chance to prepare carefully tailored courses targeted to individual skills gap that should be filled. In this way, we can propose training with minimum involvements and maximum outcomes for our clients.

Every course has follow up to estimate the skill level of attendee and to ensure our training achievement.

The customizable and extendable nature of our courses allows ICodeFactory to help upgrade any skill you need or want to improve.

Learning is the real thing here at ICodeFactory both in house and external as

our trainers deliver IT training all over the world.

Let's partner in gaining knowledge.