Our experts all possess colledge degrees. Besides the academic education, they have a number of Microsoft certificates, and are Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Our vast experience in developing any size and scale projects made us a perfect fit to educate future developers and administrators. The years of experience in various development areas helped us create and conduct many courses and helped many developers start their careers in Microsoft Technologies.

Our experience in Microsoft Technologies helps us create customized, goal-driven, highly detailed, carefully tailored courses, which can address very specific development skills, as well as some very general skills. The customizable and extendable nature of our courses allows ICodeFactory to help upgrade any skill you need or want to improve.

We have broad experience in educating developers. A large number of developers have attended courses held by our experts. Testimonials to the quality of our work are the developers currently working in ICodeFactory who attend some of the courses.

The specific character of our courses and their high customizability allows our experts to perform a unique way of coaching and education, and we call it in-the place coaching. This way, we are able to provide you with trainers who perform education of developers at your offices, coaching them while they are working on projects of significant importance for your company, and learning the trade in the meantime.

A number of companies hired our experts to do on-the place education and coaching in order to improve the performances and general skill level of their employees. In small amounts of time, while attending our courses, your employees will be able to work much more efficient.

It is not just about training, rather about providing the attendees with some background and structured knowledge which can be extended during their respectable careers.