Remote Learning Labs at ICodeFactory

Distance learning is replacing formal classrooms. Using technology allows us to access educational materials of learning courses or training programs – completely online, and there are many resources for effective learning today. 

ICodeFactory experience in e-learning is not a novelty, with our IT Training services, we have done a lot with e-learning for our team’s knowledge sharing and also delivering courses online. Currently, we have our Microsoft Certification Training completely remote for our students.

The important thing with e-learning is that communication is still both ways, our trainees have their mentors who are constantly participating in tasks, workshops or some other development activities. Modern technologies help educators to easily create effective online materials and we would like to share with you the most significant tools to enhance knowledge from our trainers and professionals.

Microsoft Teams is one of our favorite and inevitable tools for communication, recording, sharing materials, but this time we want to say more about Azure Lab Services.

Azure Lab Services provides an easy way to build a virtual lab in the cloud with the possibility of scaling it to hundreds of VMs in a template. All we have to do is prepare the experience for our trainees and the Lab Services takes care of the rest, like infrastructure, scaling, errors and others. Creating custom templates allows us to schedule some features to automatically start/shut down, limit the number of hours for students to complete their project or training or schedule the time when the VMs are accessible to users.

Besides the classroom lab environment, Azure Lab Services enables you to quickly set up a test environment or development environment for your team.

The new services that technology provides us will offer increased flexibility and assistance in creating learning content every day so that knowledge will be easily accessible to everyone.
We are pleased to say that we “have been running” distance learning for some time and that we are evolving together with Microsoft's development of learning services. 

Lastly, let’s not forget the impact of all of us in distance learning. No matter how much science and technology progress, without our curiosity and enthusiasm, self-motivation and desire for knowledge, remote learning could not be achieved.

Join us and let’s learn together.

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