Sharing Knowledge Is Power!

This year, our company is celebrating a small jubilee of our 15-year journey. Deep in our hearts, we believe that the key to our success lies behind the word knowledge. As a part of the 15th anniversary of ICodeFactory, we decided to do a project with an institution that has been selflessly sharing knowledge for 200 years. It is not difficult to guess that we are talking about Matica Srpska - the oldest cultural and scientific institution, which from its founding until today has left a big mark on the culture and education of our community. 

The same values towards learning, knowledge, and education have united us and today we are having a conversation with the manager of Matica Srpska, Mrs. Jelena Veselinov about it. Enjoy reading it just as much as we enjoyed making it.

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1. Could you briefly tell us the story of Matica Srpska and its centuries-long journey through the culture and education of our community?
Matica Srpska is our oldest cultural and scientific institution, which was founded in 1826 in Pest as an association of young Serbian merchants. Its activities from the beginning were aimed at presenting Serbian culture in Europe, enlightening the Serbian people and strengthening national identity. It was created as support of Letopis Matice srpske (The Chronicle of Matica Srpska), which is, as far as we have known, the oldest living literary magazine in Europe, and probably in the world.

Its 200-year duration in continuity is impressive, considering the discontinuity in our everyday lives, precisely because of the universal goal toward the common good of the Serbian people in an educational, scientific, and cultural sense. The story of Matica is really rich and long, so we will only dwell on the important points for "our story".
After the founding, numerous editions with an educational character were created. Libraries with a literary fund from various scientific fields were formed, which led us to today's complex system of Matica Srpska. Today's system implies a modern scientific institution divided into 7 scientific departments with 3000 associates and a rich publishing activity with over 100 scientific projects.

Considering the great development, a completely different organization within the system of Matica Srpska was required, therefore the Library, Gallery of Matica Srpska, and the Publishing Center have stood out.
Matica Srpska has become one big system, with a mission that has now gone significantly beyond what it was in the beginning, but has basically still remained the same and with the same values.

2. Can you bring us closer to the importance of Matica Srpska in education?
When we talk about education, Matica follows the written development from the beginning - the first letters at elementary school, to people who are on Ph.D. studies. Every pupil at school needs Pravopis srpskog jezika (The Spelling book). Matica Srpska publishes Pravopis srpskog jezika, which is done by a team of the best linguists in our country. There is also the standardization of the Serbian language through normative grammar and encyclopedic and lexicographic publications. We publish various publications at the highest scientific level. With our scientific journals, we provide the opportunity for young people to be heard, and also for them to learn from more experienced researchers.

Matica also participates by awarding the best pupils, students, and researchers in different fields.

Besides publications, we organize lectures and music evenings (concerts) on our premises. All of our programs are free and open to all those interested in learning and enhancing their knowledge from the most eminent experts.

3. What values have followed Matica Srpska through the centuries, which proudly stands out even today? 
As we said, the values of Matica Srpska were born on the idea of enlightening the Serbian people, strengthening national identity, and presenting our culture in Europe, and thanks to enthusiasts, who want to contribute to culture, education and science, Matica has survived. The story of Matica is a humane story about people who have a vision of the future, think ahead and invest in true values. Your company has recognized our goal to invest in science and culture. That is what remains and passes on from generation to generation.

4. In which direction do you think that Matica Srpska will step in the future? How will it continue to nurture the same values towards learning, knowledge, and education?
Matica Srpska can only go forward. We can see that from the increase in the number of projects, publishing and other activities. We participate in international projects and wherever the goals of Matica Srpska can be achieved. Our work with some countries on bilingual editions of poems, translations of publications, and books make them available abroad. Showing our work to Europe and the world is a very important segment of our goal.
Therefore, the core goals and values of Matica Srpska don’t change, they are an integral part of what Matica is and stands for. But, the way in which we will continue further is changeable, it's coherent with time, while those fundamental values that have been there from the beginning, always remain.

5. What challenges does Matica Srpska have in its work and how does it face it?
Throughout history, Matica Srpska has had many challenges, from being banned to moments when it could not survive financially. In those financial segments, there would always be a benefactor. When people with a vision (once traders, and today companies that also have a vision) of science and culture are connected, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

We are very grateful to ICodeFactory for recognizing our values and donating 4 computers worth 500,000 RSD. We arranged them in 4 critical places where we desperately needed them. Two places are related to the publishing business, which requires a computer with strong performance, and the other two computers went to our Manuscript Department where we are in the process of digitization. Digitization of archival material helps to keep it from being damaged (this is documentation that must be kept according to certain archival standards) and also facilitates the way of working with users, for various research or insights.

With every challenge that Matica has to face, there must be long-term planning. The fact that we don’t have funds or solutions for something immediately, does not mean that we should not plan well for the future.

6. Libraries have moved to the Internet today; museums are making virtual tours. How do digitalization and new technologies affect Matica Srpska?
Our digitalization story is goal-oriented, e.g., for all concerts and lectures there is a live stream on our channel, and we have everything on the YouTube channel.
In cooperation with the Library of Matica Srpska, we are digitizing journals, so that the journals could be downloaded. We have Letopis in digital form, and we have mentioned the digitization of manuscripts. Our plan is to publish some parts of our works on the Internet soon.

We should not forget that Matica Srpska is like an old lady and that everything is going slowly, at first glance. However, Matica would not have lasted 200 years if we had followed every trend that appeared. Maybe someone would say "you could have done more" but I think this is the right measure. We try to keep up with new technologies, but carefully and with high quality.

7. Finally, we were introduced to another knowledge-driven story, as well as an example of how knowledge, education and investment in the same survive through the centuries. How important is investing in knowledge? Is it the most valuable investment?
I am very happy that ICodeFactory agrees with our belief that knowledge is something that survives. Although it sometimes seems to us as like we have taken 2 steps back, knowledge offers the possibility to go 3 steps forward, because knowledge is something that has lasting value. Knowledge cannot disappear as material values, but only grow and multiple, so it is the only safe investment.

Thank you Mrs. Veselinov, for such a great conclusion and for all that you are doing for our community. 

Once again, we are witnessing that knowledge, education, and investment in the common goal have no expiration day and lasts forever. By supporting institutions that nurture and share knowledge, we improve the present and build a better future. Sharing knowledge is a power, not keeping it selfishly for ourselves. Join us in implementing a vision that lasts for centuries.

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Implement Your Vision – 15 years later

If we would like to abstract in one word what we have been into for the last 15 years, it would be the word ‘knowledge’. Thanks to the power of knowledge, humans are the most powerful beings on the planet, who over time have changed the face of Earth with innovations from the discovery of fire all the way to the cutting-edge technologies we use today. 

The leading idea of ICodeFactory from its beginnings to the present day has remained unchanged - to help individuals and companies to implement their vision through the responsible use of technology. Our credo implement your vision, is not just a belief, it’s a clear guide of our purposes, principles and commitments to our clients, partners and the community.

What has started as a simple idea of practicing technologies, has grown into software development and professional training services. 

More than a decade ago, we gained the status as Gold Microsoft partner company which gave us the opportunity to dig technical skills directly from the source. Software engineers at ICodeFactory have a unique opportunity to use internal resources and ensure their competencies with the latest technology trends.

The rapid changes that come from our industry require us to constantly make new improvements. In order to keep consistency in delivering a high-quality level of services, we have focused on lifelong learning, exploring and finding new ways of spreading knowledge.   

In the last 15 years, we have specialized in enterprise software products development. We have built solid relationships with leading companies in a wide variety of industries, like manufacturing, knowledge management, e-learning and food processing. Together we expand our expertise and every day of our work we learn the value of knowledge.

On a never-ending quest for more knowledge, we have delivered a number of Microsoft Official and custom training worldwide. We have traveled around the world passing on knowledge to developers from other companies, helping their teams to grow. With a strong technical background, we have gained the trust of our clients and training attendees which led us to strong demand for our lectures, year by year. 

Delivering courses and participation in various conferences worldwide has given us the wind in our sails to continue spreading knowledge at the local level as well. A couple of years ago, we took a step forward and started the tradition of our internal conference, which we are especially proud of. At ICodeFerence we had the opportunity to host international experts as our guests and speakers.

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Today, after 15 years of excellence we have successful projects, partners and clients behind us, but that has not deterred us from the importance of helping those who are at the beginning of their careers to start in the right way. Microsoft training that we sponsor for students has already become our sign of recognition among graduates. It is our pleasure to be involved in shaping young talents into professionals. 

Success starts with each individual and then we build it together into a company success, but it is important that each of us develop and nurture a growth mindset, set up a vision, and think out of the box.   
As we look back, we would like to express sincere gratitude to everyone who followed us on this 15-year mission. We are grateful for all efforts and dedication made to build the trust of our clients. ICodeFactory would not have become what it is today without people willing to constantly improve their knowledge and passing it on to everyone.  
Our focus on learning and developing solutions will not change and you are welcome to join us on our path to acquiring knowledge and implementing visions. Now you know the answer to why we owe the most to knowledge and by investing in education - we invest in the future! 
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Happy New Year by ICodeFactory

2020 was specific in many ways. We had to pay attention to our health and safety more than ever. Business wide we had to go into a fully virtual environment. Work from home gave us an opportunity to practice our communication, collaboration and new ways of managing tasks. All conferences were held online and we took an opportunity to join a number of great online events. 

This year may have prevented us from realizing all the ideas we had planned a year ago, but it has not prevented us from achieving some great results. This is probably the best year in our history business-wise.

Our story about delivering MOCs training worldwide is becoming more successful every year. Despite the impossibility of teaching on-site, the demand for Azure training has been incredible in 2020. We felt real digital evolution and its benefits this year with the largest number of training held in one year.

During the year, we continued to work with beginners, so we adapted the Microsoft certification training sponsored by ICodeFactory in a remote environment. Students were able to learn about Microsoft technologies from the comfort of their own homes. 

Together with several faculties, including the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Technical Sciences, we have organized groups of student internships. The virtual doors of ICodeFactory were open not only to IT students but also to those who wanted to learn about Business Development and Sales.

In our work with students, we had an opportunity to hear a presentation from the Vector Robotics team for the Eurobot2020 competition and support their project financially. Excellence, a desire to learn, and effort will always be appreciated and rewarded at ICodeFactory.

2020 was full of online events we could attend. We could be “everywhere” from our homes. Together with our team, we strived to get the most out of online conferences and get valuable content, experiences from experts and future trends.

The most famous regional conference for IT professionals organized by Microsoft, called Sinergija was also held online. Attendees had an opportunity to hear a lecture from the CEO of ICodeFactory - Mr. Sergej Kešelj, on the topic: The Unbearable Lightness of Being Live with Azure. It was our pleasure to share knowledge on the jubilee anniversary of Sinergija.

At the end of this year, we can say that there were still a lot of things we are proud of and grateful for. Every challenge is an opportunity and we are ready to adapt to the new environment. 

Stay safe, stay healthy!

ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays! See you in 2021!

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