See You at the KONTEH Fair!

Once again, students of the University of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to connect with IT companies and step forward into the business world. 

ICodeFactory team will be present on both days of the KONTEH fair, on the 13th and 14th of March, at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. We strongly believe that open communication is essential for mutual reliance. Thus, we will be there to talk about job opportunities, internship programs and our company’s culture.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will gladly answer all your questions. Here at the ICodeFactory, curiosity and willingness to learn is highly appreciated. And we always look forward to meeting talented students. 

Furthermore, we have prepared an interesting challenge for you. Follow us on social media and find out soon!

Hint: Look closely, there might be an opportunity hidden.

See you at the KONTEH fair. 

Start your career the right way.

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Be the Early Bird, Take AZ-203 Course from ICodeFactory Experts

The evolution has happened in Microsoft certification. Change in the focus from technology-based to role-based training, made them more befitting to professionally defined roles chosen in comprehensive market research of the industry.

Our Microsoft certified trainers are a step ahead of those changes. 

Training AZ-200 and AZ-201 that were in beta are now retired, and based on feedback, they merged together to make new course, AZ-203. Since the training is still in the making, it is not yet held. But don’t worry, our experts are here.

The AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure certification exam is geared towards Azure Developers who design and build cloud solutions. Using our own materials and expertise we are ready to deliver this training and already have scheduled sessions to teach the experts of other companies. 

If you want to be ahead of all, our trainers are at your convenience willing to share their expertise.

The ICodeFactory training team will be delivering courses all over Europe for the next two months. If you are interested in our training, contact us through contact form at the link:

We will gladly support you in staying at the top of the game in probably the biggest bet Microsoft ever had.

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Holiday Greetings from ICodeFactory Team!

There’s nothing more tempting than the idea of new possibilities and fresh start. With enthusiasm, we are looking forward to the opportunities in the following year.

In the past 365 days, our team had a marvelous journey filled with challenges. We started new projects and our MCTs delivered new courses on the Azure platform. We even managed to find time for upgrading our website. And we expect nothing less from the following year. 

Technology is rapidly changing, and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of the improvement, helping companies and their employees with the adjustment process. Whether it is by providing software development, IT training or consultancy services, seeing your business partner succeed is priceless.

We wish you a year full of happiness and prosperity. Follow your dreams and try as hard as you can to fulfill them – the results will come along.  We know we will continue to do our best.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the ICodeFactory team!

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