ICodeFactory Meets Students at The Faculty of Sciences

As you step out of the comfort zone of education and walk into the job market, it can be difficult to bridge the gap between academics and the “real world.” University gives you the knowledge to do the work, but actually finding a job involves connecting with employers. We believe there isn’t a better way to do that than Student’s Career Fair.

ICodeFactory is glad to support students’ initiative to organize Career Fair at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad. For the third year in a row Students Organization is successfully connecting companies and the University to provide students of all majors and departments the chance to find out the right information about their profession. 

The purpose of this Fair is to inform students where to invest their gained knowledge after graduation. On the one hand, this is a great opportunity for students who wish to interact with as many companies as possible all under one roof. On the other hand, companies can easily present the advantages of their work to the right audience as well as get to know a lot of interesting graduates.

Being part of this great event makes us proud since we are the official partner with the Faculty of Sciences. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership and welcome students’ initiatives to make the first step in starting their career the right way.

Faculty of Sciences, Partnership


ICodeFactory as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

During our 13 years of work we have built our clients' and partners' network surrounded with people who share similar business model, oriented to Microsoft technologies:

  • We develop software solutions based on Microsoft technologies.
  • We teach Microsoft Official Courses to programmers across Europe.
  • We offer consulting services for those who need our expertise and experience.

Today we would like to gratefully announce that we have renewed our annual membership as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Application development.

This is the highest level of competence. It has required years of hard work to prove our expertise and earn qualifying partner points.

Benefits as Gold Certified Partner are many and they include: technical support, free licensing, updates, access to Microsoft software, news and other useful materials and information.

This will help us to stay productive and competitive. Our professionals in team will keep following new trends in technology and prepare for the next levels of Microsoft professional certifications.

ICodeFactory will keep building and delivering high quality and innovative software solutions and training on the global market. Stay tuned.

Microsoft Gold Partner, ICodeFactory


Sharing our expertise with Economics students

The importance of sharing knowledge with young professionals in the making is what ICodeFactory recognizes as crucial in the educational process. Combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience is what helps students reach their career goals as soon as possible.

This time we had a chance to share our expertise with Economics students in Novi Sad. 

Due to our collaboration with Faculty of Economics we were more than glad to accept their invitation to participate in Business Application Development class. We spoke about modern trends of developing business applications and their current challenges. 

Students had a chance to find out more about ICodeFactory and all the possibilities we provide for their future employment. We emphasized the importance of lifelong learning besides formal education and discussed their visions of their first job.

Faculty of Economics, ICodeFactory