ICodeFactory as Gold Microsoft Partner in 2022: The continuity of quality

We are happy to announce that, once again, we have renewed our annual membership as Gold Microsoft Partner!

ICodeFactory’s 13-year-long partnership with Microsoft symbolizes our lasting commitment to continuously maintain the highest level of competence in Microsoft technologies. By doing this, we are ensuring that year after year, we provide our partners with the best service as Microsoft Certified Software Developers and Trainers.
We offer IT Solutions, IT Training and IT Consulting services and we are proud to have stable, rewarding partnerships working with companies from a variety of industries.

It has always been our imperative to make sure that our team has the resources required to reach their highest competencies, and being a Gold Microsoft Partner has helped us achieve just that. Thanks to this, our team of software engineers has exclusive access to the official Microsoft learning and training material, which they apply in our custom-based IT Training services, specially designed for the needs of our clients and their employees. Not only this, it has helped us create the ICodeFactory Microsoft Certification Training program, created for young motivated people ready to begin their career at ICodeFactory and become a part of our team of Microsoft technology experts!

The secret behind our longstanding partnerships is simple - as software technology experts, we believe that our knowledge is never complete. In our field of work, we are motivated to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in order to be able to offer the best possible services. The partnership with Microsoft helps us do exactly that - we are proud to stand by the quality that we offer through our services.

In the future years, we see the amazing ICodeFactory team aiming for greatness in every sense, and we are sure that our partnership with Microsoft is one of the key factors that will help us reach our goal!


ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays!

This was the year that represented the 15th anniversary of the company's existence. So, it was a great opportunity to recollect the values that led us through that time. We found 15 valuable lessons for 15 years of persistence and dedication to knowledge and growth. 

Specifically, this year made us realize how important it is to love what you do. So, when we look back at the past year, we could say that we are proud of all the amazing projects we had a chance to successfully deliver. But more than that, we are proud of our teamwork. Work that needed to be done was such an enjoyable process thanks to people around us, who genuinely love what they do and are deeply engaged in the process.

Since mentioning the importance of people we surround ourselves and collaborate with, it seems like a great opportunity to mention how proud and thankful we are for the partnerships we’ve made this year, but also the partnerships we’ve cherished and continued to grow.
For the first time, we collaborated with one of the oldest cultural and scientific institutions – Matica Srpska. The reason behind it was the support we wanted to provide to the institutions that nurture and share knowledge. This way, we believe we are one step closer to building a better future, promoting values that witness that education and investment in goals have no expiration date. 

Following the mentioned belief - this year we proudly renewed the company’s Microsoft Gold Partner status. It allowed us to expand our knowledge and work more efficiently, applying the latest technology. That led not only to a higher level of customer satisfaction but to the increase of team’s motivation, getting feedback confirming our professional competence. 

Besides delivering precise software solutions, Microsoft's partnership made us able to train and educate other professionals. Believing that knowledge is valuable only if shared, we didn’t miss a chance to organize internships for young talents, and a yearly conference for students - ICodeFerence Youth 2021. We see this as a way of supporting the youth when preparing for professional challenges, but also as an opportunity to learn from hearing their fresh point of view. 

Overall, it was a pleasure to spend one more year following the values we stand for, working with people sharing them with us. The value that marked this year - so did all the years behind us - is never to stop learning and striving for your goals.

ICodeFactory wishes you happy holidays! See you in 2022! 



ICodeFactory – The story of our services

Each company has its own story - how it all started, how the company has developed, and what goals were achieved. Our story began 15 years ago and since then our goal has always been to help companies implement their vision through the responsible use of technology.
For modern businesses, high-quality technology services are essential for everyday tasks as well as larger projects. Our experts at ICodeFactory provide three types of services: IT solutions, IT training, and IT consulting and we wanted to take this opportunity to present our services in more detail.

ICodeFactory services, IT solution, IT training, IT consulting, Microsoft partner
IT solutions
We understand that in today’s world, the implementation of new technology is undoubtedly very important. That is why we work very closely with our clients on every project to understand their needs and goals. Providing IT solutions means that our experts are responsible for the complete process of software development, from architecture to production. We offer our clients a variety of services and support needed to maintain efficient and effective IT systems. From the design, development and launch and maintenance of their products or services. 
We are very proud to say that our customers come across a wide range of industries – from Knowledge management, Information and communication industry to Logistics, Telecommunications, Electrical, Metal industry and more.
When we talk about an innovative and creative approach to IT solutions, we also offer customized solutions that meet the needs of different clients and stay up to date with the ever-changing requirements of IT business. If you are interested in learning more about why we think this approach is the best for businesses, check out our article “Why Investing in Custom Software Pays off“.

IT training
Every company wants to have employees who are the best in their professions and to achieve that goal, it is important to invest in employees and give them the opportunity to acquire the right skills and knowledge so that they can reach their full potential. Professional development is also very motivating for continuing learning and achieving more.  It gives employees the right tools they need for their goals, and it is beneficial for both them and the company.
Being a Microsoft Gold partner means that our Microsoft Certified Trainers have the highest level of competence, which makes them excellent at delivering training to our clients. In addition to knowing all about the latest technologies, they have gained years of real-world experience in a variety of industries, making them experts in sharing knowledge with others. 
When delivering training and passing on valuable lessons, what matters is the approach. One style of training is not suitable for everyone, so we also offer customized courses. Every employee has their own unique set of skills, and we need to get to know them to be able to focus on what is important, to achieve the maximum results. After completing the training, we assess the current level of skills that employees have and how successful the training was.

IT consulting
As we have already mentioned, today’s business environment and technology are changing rapidly, so sometimes a little guidance is needed. For whatever challenges companies might be experiencing, we are here to help evaluate their IT needs and form an appropriate plan for the necessary improvements. 
We always strive to help our clients improve the quality of their systems, understand their goals, business processes and analyze the capabilities of their current systems. Our experienced professionals help improve organizations and enable teams to focus on their core business goals - they are true technology strategists, equipped with the expertise and experience to help make intelligent decisions to achieve the desired state of the digital business and solve all the complex technological needs.
We are here for simple advice or to create a whole entire plan for your business and technological needs.

We believe you enjoyed hearing about our services. Now that you know more about ICodeFactory and our field of expertise, feel free to reach out to us if you need help implementing your vision. We are ready to share our knowledge and use our expertise to help you!

ICodeFactory services, Microsoft, Software Development, IT Services, IT training, MCTs, Gold partnership