Technology Pearls - Microsoft HoloLens

Bringing ideas into 3D environment gives us the opportunity for development in engineering, medicine, art, education and many other fields. A hologram from the perspective of others can greatly improve understanding new way of thinking and visualization of new ideas.

Innovation from Microsoft named Microsoft HoloLens is mixed reality device powered by Windows 10 and many other applications that can be useful in business, education and also in daily life.

Whether you want to make a Skype call, read a newspaper, present your ideas, design something or do any kind of research, Microsoft HoloLens makes it feel realistic with built-in sensors, sound and speaker system. There are numerous examples of usage of this device in medicine with planning surgeries and in engineering by creating new products.

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Our colleagues had a chance to use HoloLens to develop functionalities on their projects. That is the reason why we like it even more.

The HoloLens augmented reality headset has overcome all our expectations, and we believe that any improvement in the future will undoubtedly make it better and useful.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming next in tech innovations.