ICodeFerence 2019 – From Business in IT over Software Development to Artificial Intelligence

IT is one of the industries with the most rapid changes. Gaining technical skills is a must if you are in software development services business. Here at ICodeFactory we are focused on learning via workshops, knowledge-sharing events and presentations, microlearning sessions or Microsoft official curriculum training days. Constantly working on personal and professional development is one of the core values of our company.

On the other side, it cannot be emphasized enough how important is domain knowledge. If you understand business needs and domain knowledge, you can acquire all the skills needed to become great software engineer. Finally, there is one objective that truly matters - to solve end users challenges.

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On 7th June we organized our annual conference well known as ICodeFerence! The conference was held at Master Centre in Novi Sad, where our offices are also located. We have been honored to have amazing international experts as our guests, which made the conference even more remarkable! Our eminent speakers not only shared deep technical knowledge in Software Development, but also gave us insight into business perspective of developing enterprise solutions. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to learn more about making new machine learning models with probabilistic programming and its possibilities. 

The conference consisted of three sessions:
•    Differences between enterprise and SMB clients and the impact on software development 
•    Migrating enterprise WebForms VB.NET solutions to ASP.NET MVC C#
•    Probabilistic programming with


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After engaging sessions, which held our attention until the very last minute, we had an opportunity to continue our discussions in a more casual atmosphere. And our favorite pub was a perfect fit! 

Congratulations to all the speakers and the rest of the team for all the hard work they invested in making ICodeFerence an amazing event. With great enthusiasm, we are already working on our next ICodeFerence! Stay tuned, you might be surprised.

For more positive vibes, click on the link:  😊 


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Ten Years of Strategic Partnership

We are proud to say that our partnership with Microsoft lasts for a decade now. A lot of hard work and dedication were necessary to hit this milestone, but it has definitely paid off. When you do something with great passion, the results always come along.

We are very pleased for choosing Microsoft as our technical partner. Being recognized as company that reached the highest standards of Microsoft's widely-recognized partnership program is a great honor.

Beside receiving core benefits, such as access to exclusive resources, training and technical support, being a Gold Microsoft Partner have helped us to better understand our customers’ business needs. Choosing right business partner is crucial for the success of software products. The technology stack they choose will determine your product’s functionality and convenience.

As a Gold Microsoft partner, we are surrounded with experts with similar vision and technology background. We will continue to set our goals high, and we’re glad our partnership with Microsoft allows us to reach our full business potential.

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Industry 4.0 - Factory of the Future

The rapid changes in the information and communication technologies have led to next industrial revolution that broke the boundaries between virtual reality and the real world. Internet of Things, cyber security, machine learning, artificial intelligence are only a few terms that refer to Industry 4.0. 

Since advanced digital technology is already used in manufacturing, you must be wondering what exactly is this fourth industrial revolution?

New digital industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is a transformation and digitization of manufacturing processes towards a new level. Enabling faster, more flexible and more efficient processes, this manufacturing revolution will increase productivity and support industrial growth. It will change the traditional production relationship and communication between human and machine by introducing Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of People (IoP). 

Factories will become increasingly automated and produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. This includes using large-scale machines and flexible mass production technologies that provide increased automation, improved communication and monitoring, along with self-diagnosis and new degree of analysis to provide a truly productive future. 

The adaptation of connected intelligence into the business will completely change the way business is done. Companies have to face significant challenges in order to adapt to the new technologies. Industry 4.0, rooted in technology advancements, is the new approach that makes it possible to achieve results that couldn’t be done 10 years ago. 

Having all that in mind, we are proud to say that several of our projects are in the field of manufacturing, machinery and metal working industry. ICodeFactory is making active and continuous impact to the factories of the future. Can’t wait to see where this new revolution will take us. We are glad to be part of transforming the world and drive the technology further. 

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