ICodeFactory became official partner with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economics!

ICodeFactory always had a great collaboration with students so we have made a step ahead and started an official partnership with two well-known faculties of the University of Novi Sad, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Economics.

We already had some mutual activities as giving lectures and participating in the students' fairs, but from now on, our collaboration will strengthen. The University will keep following the industry requirements and adapt to the market and technological changes more easily.

Students’ benefits from this collaboration are opportunities to get practical experience. They can use the theoretical knowledge, gained at the University, and transfer it into the practical and real projects in ICodeFactory. While still at the University, students can start their career in IT industry through scholarships, internships, workshops or to do their Bachelor and Master Thesis.

For us, this is a chance to meet the most talented students and be the place where they can learn and have access to the real challenges and the latest technology. Their knowledge, curiosity and ideas are highly welcome at ICodeFactory, and we are looking forward to starting with the official partnership activities.

ICodeFactory, Partnership, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Economics