Bilateral collaboration with Research Institute Petnica started


We recently started a bilateral collaboration with the research institute Petnica ( The Institute has hired ICodeFactory to hold seminars on a regular basis, on various topics concerning computer science. The Petnica Research Institute exists for more than 15 years now, and is the primar research institute for young people in the whole Balkan region. It hosts yearly more than 2500 high scholars as well as students, who are usually top of the crop in their respective regions. 
In many fields they are conducting active research in, ICodeFactory was hired to provide expert knowledge and tutoring in the field of Computer Science, thus making our experts collaborators in the Research Institute. This underlines our goals to remain close to the academic society in spite being a company that works in the industry. The first session took place on the 12th of July, and was a short lecture on web development in general, explaining various protocols, how the web works, and a short demonstration on how it all works using Microsoft Technologies.
The lecture left the attendance feeling satisfied, and the hosts emphasized their desire to shortly organize another one of these lectures.