MS Build 2020 - 5 sessions by ICodeFactory Team Lead

The greatest annual worldwide conference for developers and software engineers who are using Windows, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies is undoubtedly Build. In the light of the pandemic situations and care for the community, this year’s conference was held as an online event. 48 hours in eight parallel sessions of lectures were prepared and left for listening, for free! As usual, this event included multiple important announcements and releases, some of them related to Blazor WebAssembly, IoT and AI. It was inspiring to see how supportive is our community and that learning will never stop. 

ICodeFactory has put learning at the heart of the business. We transfer our knowledge to others by training or consulting. Also, we always learn and try to stay shape-minded and up-to-date with all trends. This conference was just one path in the great journey of learning with Microsoft technologies.

As a team of Microsoft certified professionals, our ICodeFactory members enjoyed hearing about experiences from some of the greatest developers and trends in the world of software development. Hearing others' practice, know-how, struggles, and understandings always bring wisdom and tips on how to be more productive and the new possibilities in our work.

One of our Team Leaders has dug into the MS Build content and explored for you 5 sessions you should not miss. From his perspective, the chosen topics were the most interesting to hear and certainly worthy of attention, regarding the projects he’s currently engaged in. The variety of topics from AI, desktop and web development gives you easy insight into the updates from several areas.

Here’s the list with links to the chosen sessions, we believe you will enjoy watching it: 

Explore the possibilities of Microsoft Teams, not only for online meetings. Learn how to build instantly collaborative apps with Microsoft Fluid Framework. If you are interested in modern web development, try to be productive with Blazor and build interactive UI with .NET and C#. Check out an overview and updates about Azure Cognitive Services to engage your customers and improve operational efficiency. If you maintain or create a new Windows desktop application, then the session about WinUI is a must for you. Learn how WinUI provides a path forward for every Windows Developer.

How did you like our choice? Have you checked out MS Build 2020? If you have some thoughts or advice for us, let us know, we are happy to hear it!

If you would like to work and learn together with us, follow the link and join our team: www.icodefactory/career/

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ICodeFactory Partners for Success

Growing a successful business doesn’t mean only to have a good idea. It also means having a great team, skills, know-how, technology access and support, where developing a software solution is just the start of a long journey. 

From the first day, we have been creating unique methods for growing our company as an organization that educates others and brings new values. ICodeFactory always strived to associate with exceptional individuals, schools or organizations where both sides can advance their qualities or evolve them in a new way. 

ICodeFactory, Partners for Success

In collaboration with Faculty of Science and Faculty of Economics and our official partnership, we give students the opportunity to get practical experience at ICodeFactory through internships, training and workshops. We help them to transfer their theoretical knowledge into practical, and to understand why is important to choose wisely at the beginning of their careers.

This year we had the opportunity to support young and smart students from Vector robotics organization in their preparation for competition in robotics. It was amazing to hear about the process they had to go through to make the robot in front of us. The whole ICodeFactory team was astonished by excellence these young talents share with us.

As a business-growing company we are striving for a sustainable growing trajectory of excellence in the services we deliver to our clients all around the world. To achieve that, we had to seize with a successful partner who can guarantee the quality and help us to create customers' loyalty. Last year ICodeFactory had a milestone for the first decade of a technology partnership with Microsoft. This year we maintain the good practice of partnership as well and we renewed our annual membership for 2020 as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Being Gold Certified Partner means the highest level of certification as proven expertise and best-in-class capabilities. This partnership demonstrates our efforts in implementing our client’s vision and achieving even more than required. Millions of companies all around the world have recognized and accepted Microsoft technologies and we are glad to be in the Partner Network, capable to support them with our services. We worked hard to complete all the requirements and to keep the elite status of Gold Certified Partner.

Having Microsoft certified professionals on board made our knowledge in Microsoft technologies now flowing through all our services. We deliver IT Solutions, we teach in IT Training, we advise with IT Consulting.

From our experience, collaboration with proven companies often results in a win-win situation and shows as a key to a successful project.  We are open to learn about your challenges and open to share our knowledge. If you would like to cooperate together with ICodeFactory, it will be our pleasure to listen to your vision, and of course, help you implement it.


Remote Learning Labs at ICodeFactory

Distance learning is replacing formal classrooms. Using technology allows us to access educational materials of learning course or training program – completely online, and there are many resources for effective learning today. 

ICodeFactory experience in e-learning is not a novelty, with our IT Training services, we have done a lot with e-learning for our team’s knowledge sharing and also delivering courses online. Currently, we have our Microsoft Certification Training completely remote for our students.

The important thing with e-learning is that communication is still both ways, our trainees have their mentors who are constantly participating in tasks, workshops or some other development activities. Modern technologies help educators to easily create effective online materials and we would like to share with you the most significant tools to enhance knowledge from our trainers and professionals.

Microsoft Teams is the one of our favourite and inevitable tools for communication, recording, sharing materials, but this time we want to say more about Azure Lab Services.

Azure Lab Services provides an easy way to build a virtual lab in the cloud with possibility of scaling it to hundreds of VMs in a template. All we have to do is prepare the experience for our trainees and the Lab Services takes care for the rest, like infrastructure, scaling, errors and others. Creating custom templates allows us to schedule some features to automatically start/shut down, limit the number of hours for students to complete their project or training or schedule the time when the VMs are accessible to users.

Beside the classroom lab environment, Azure Lab Services enables to quickly set up a test environment or development environment for your team.

The new services that technology provides us will offer increased flexibility and assistance in the creating learning content every day so that knowledge will be easily accessible to everyone.
We are pleased to say that we “have been running” distance learning for some time and that we are evolving together with Microsoft's development of a learning services. 

Lastly, let’s not forget the impact of all of us in the distance learning. No matter how much science and technology progresses, without our curiousity and enthusiasm, self-motivation and desire for knowledge, remote learning could not be achieved.

Join us and let’s learn together.

Remote Learning Labs, ICodeFactory