Implement Your Vision: 17 years in the making


This year, we are celebrating our 17th birthday! We are growing and learning each day, but throughout the process, some things have followed us from the beginning – like the philosophy that we stand for, and the values that we nurture as a team.

The cooperation with our clients and partners can be described through our credo: Implement Your Vision! Why did we choose this particular statement, and what makes it so fitting and in line with the ICodeFactory values?

Firstly, cooperating with ICodeFactory means more than instructing software engineers and waiting for the end results. Our method of work involves actively taking part in the processes required to get the best result possible. We always have one goal in mind – to create the best solution that suits the specific client’s needs. Every organization is different, and we are very much aware of that – there is no such thing as one perfect approach for everyone! 

The team of skilled software engineers at ICodeFactory is what makes us the company that we are today. But there is another part of our success – we are also the proud partners of three renowned faculties in Novi Sad: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences. These partnerships have produced many positive results supporting our common goal of providing learning and development opportunities for students and our employees. It also gives us the unique chance to cooperate with amazing smart people, who are experts in a variety of scientific fields. This is an invaluable asset and addition to our company's know-how!

Since we have experience in more than ten industries, with many projects under our belt, we gladly use our domain knowledge and help our clients build up from any stage of an idea. Sometimes it helps to get the opinion of experts to find the best path. So don't worry if you do not have a clear-cut plan of action – we can start from scratch! We have done that many times and have created amazing results.

We are happy to say that we have helped many organizations on their road to development. So far, we have cooperated with companies of a variety of sizes and backgrounds, from a number of startups to well-known international enterprises. While we are experts in developing enterprise software solutions, we have also successfully cooperated with a number of growing teams, who have continued their path of advancements since. Many of them evolved into successful companies with high-quality products.

In these past 17 years, we have found to be a perfect fit with those who have ambition to launch their new ideas just as much as those who want to take their existing ones to the next level. If you are looking for an IT partner, contact us and let’s find out how we can Implement Your Vision!